Buy your first NFT with three simple steps:

1 Create or connect a crypto wallet

To buy an NFT, you need a crypto wallet. You can connect an already existing wallet or create a new one here:

A crypto wallet is an app that makes it possible for users to send and receive transactions without a third party. This is where you store your funds and receive payments, and it’s what you need to buy NFTs. We recommend he MetaMask wallet for desktop devices and TrustWallet for mobile devices.

2 Swap or buy crypto with your bank card

Connect your crypto wallet beneath. You can swap currencies you already have or buy AVAX with your bank card.

AVAX is a crypto currency you can use to buy your Tons of Rock NFTs. One NFT costs 3 AVAX. You’ll need a little bit extra to cover transaction fees. We recommend buying 3.1 AVAX.

You can buy AVAX with your bank card here. The amount will automatically be added to your crypto wallet if it’s installed in your browser.

{{spotPrice + ' ' + fiatCurrency}} for 1 AVAX

You will receive:

{{cryptoAmount}} AVAX

Payment alternatives:


3 Connect your crypto wallet to this page

Connect your crypto wallet to the page by clicking the button beneath, and then you’re ready to shop NFTs!

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